How Much Are You Acknowledging Older Workers?

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  1. They’re loyal — They’re not the kind to just go flitting around from job to job. They don’t need to be seeking major promotions or moving to a new geographic locale. (3)
  2. Amazing skills — These people bring knowledge of a wide range of areas needed for business success. (4) E.g., Marketing, sales, employee loyalty, time management…the list goes on.
  3. Great attitudes — They’re not only loyal, they demonstrate a host of solid personality strengths. That includes strong positivity and practicality. They don’t just worry about failure; they truly review things, like a current sales objective, and work out ways to make it better — or even replace it.
  4. They’re adaptable — Too often, there’s the assumption that seniors — especially the 65 and older group — aren’t viable hires because they’re unfamiliar with the latest rules or tools. They originally didn’t work with today’s HR diversity and equality mandates, or current POS systems. But over and over, older folks show great abilities — even an eagerness — to learn. After all, there’s an old saying along the lines of “If you stop learning, you stop living.”
  5. They’re teachers — Yes it could be teaching actual classes (like “Secrets for Closing the Deal”), but even beyond that they teach the basic skills needed for success not only in work, but in life. Learning these skills sooner in life helps younger employees grow and advance, avoiding (or at least minimizing) mistakes.
  6. They’re learners — I mentioned their adaptability, and that ties into learning more not just about business issues. It’s also about the life skills and information that younger colleagues know…like understanding Tweeter, or what the heck Maroon 5 is.
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